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The 100th anniversary of the ratificationof the 19th Amendment and the unveiling ofthe first statue of real women in Central Park.

We’re thrilled to announce that actors @violadav We’re thrilled to announce that actors @violadavis, Meryl Streep, Jane Alexander, @zoesaldana, @theritamoreno and @americaferrera will voice @talkingstatues dialogues about Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton for our Women’s Rights Pioneers Monument to be unveiled in @centralparknyc on August 26! Join us on @facebookapp on this historic day and hear the full dialogues about these truly Monumental Women!#monumentalwomen #womensrights #19thamendment #violadavis #merylstreep #janealexander #zoesaldana #ritamoreno #americaferrera #centralparkmoments
Our nonprofit organization, Monumental Women, is p Our nonprofit organization, Monumental Women, is putting the first statue of real women in Central Park, NY - which will be unveiled on August 26, 2020. In the meantime, to engage children currently at home from school, we launched an online educational arts & history project, "Put Her on a Pedestal." Hosted by our board members Brenda Berkman and Judaline Cassidy - two trailblazing women in their own right - the interactive project encourages children to learn about the suffrage movement and about suffragists from different backgrounds to decide who they think deserves to be put on a pedestal. Age appropriate historic information, bios, templates, and detailed instructions can be found on our website - link in bio. Children are encouraged to share their artwork with us. Please take a look and help spread the word so many children can take part in this free exciting community-driven project to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the suffrage movement.
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#homeschool #homeschooling

October 21, 2019 – New York City Public Design Commission Approves First Statue Depicting Real Women in Central Park

December 3rd, 2019 – Monumental Women received unanimous approval from the City’s Landmarks Preservation Commission.

There are 23 statues of historical figures in Central Park, but not one honors a woman. Together, we are changing that.

After years of work, we’ve won approval to break the bronze ceiling and build a statue featuring New Yorkers Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony and Sojourner Truth (abolitionists, suffragists, and women’s rights pioneers) in New York City’s Central Park. Now we have to raise funds to commission and maintain that statue as well as to support other components of our Monumental Women Campaign. In addition, we plan more statues to honor other valiant women as well as an extensive Women’s History Education Campaign to highlight the contributions of ALL women.  We need your help.

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Creating the first-ever statue honoring real women in the 167-year history of New York City’s Central Park

Writing all women back into the historical record through an inclusive education campaign in partnerships with museums and libraries

Challenging U.S. municipalities to recognize and honor the contributions of all women and people of color with tributes in their public spaces

A Polish king. A Venezuelan military leader. A Prussian naturalist. Even a sled dog. Alice in Wonderland and Mother Goose have statues in Central Park as does Juliet (with Romeo). 

There are many allegorical figures, nymphs, and angels, but no real women.

Get ready – Monumental Change Is Coming!

Here come the women.  We will soon show the world that New York celebrates Monumental Women and that Women’s Equality matters to all of us.

New York Life Insurance Company

Monumental Women has successfully raised the full $500,000 match for the Challenge Grant from New York Life. Thanks to New York Life and all our supporters who made this wonderful achievement possible. 

Your generosity brings us close to reaching our total $1.5 million project budget goal.  As you know, Monumental Women is an all volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit group and registered charity.  All contributions are tax deductible.  We welcome and are grateful for your contributions.


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Monumental change is coming.