Happy August 26th Women’s Equality Day!

On August 26th, Monumental Women celebrates the one-year anniversary of the unveiling of our Women’s Rights Pioneers Monument in Central Park. 

Rewatch the live event here

August 26th, 2020 — Monumental Women unveiled the first statue of real women the Women’s Rights Pioneers Monument of Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony in Central Park, on the occasion on the 100th anniversary of the ratification on the 19th amendment and women winning the right to vote.

Women’s Rights Pioneers Monument


Creating the first-ever statue honoring real women in the 167-year history of New York City’s Central Park

Writing all women back into the historical record through an inclusive education campaign in partnerships with museums and libraries

Challenging U.S. municipalities to recognize and honor the contributions of all women and people of color with tributes in their public spaces

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