Put Her On A Pedestal

Monumental Women “Put Her On A Pedestal” Art and History Project

Which woman from the past do you think deserves to be put on a pedestal? Now’s your chance to show us. Be a part of this exciting community-driven project. Learn. Draw. Share. Celebrate!

STEP 1 – Pick a Woman From the Past

Who do you want to honor? Read about the monumental NYC women from our Women’s Rights History Trail or do your own research. Ask your parents, teachers or friends for suggestions! Find someone who inspires you.

STEP 2 – Download Our Pedestal Template

This is your canvas. Bring your favorite monumental woman to life!

STEP 3 – Create Your Artwork

Get creative! Have fun while learning about and celebrating monumental women who moved history forward. Let us know why your person is so special.

STEP 4 – Upload It!

Drawings submitted to us by April 12, 2024 may be selected to be featured on our website and social channels and you could win some Monumental Women merchandise!


Let’s Get Started!

1. Pick a Woman From the Past
Here’s a list to get you started.

2. Download Our Template (or use a plain white piece of paper)

3. Create Your Artwork
When you’re finished with your drawing, make sure to write in her name, your name, the date and sign your signature. See some examples below.

4. Upload It