Augusta Savage Initiative

Augusta Savage Initiative

Join Our Coalition to Re-Create Augusta Savage’s 1939 Sculpture Lift Every Voice and Sing

In honor of Black History Month and the February 29th Birthday of Augusta Savage, Monumental Women announces the formation of a coalition to re-create African American sculptor Augusta Savage’s Lift Every Voice and Sing sculpture that was created for the 1939 World’s Fair held in Queens, New York.


Viewed by more than 5 million fair attendees, Savage’s sculpture was destroyed after the World’s Fair ended. Savage was an important part of the Harlem Renaissance and one of America’s foremost African American women artists. She worked as a sculptor and educator and fought against sexism and racism. Eighty–five years after its debut, Savage’s pivotal and inspiring artwork deserves to be re-created and known by a new generation.


We invite all organizations and individuals who are interested in joining our Augusta Savage Initiative to contact our team or call us at 347-224-8976.

Learn More About Augusta Savage

New York Times: The Black Woman Artist Who Crafted a Life She Was Told She Couldn’t Have
“At the dawn of the Harlem Renaissance, Augusta Savage fought racism to earn acclaim as a sculptor, showing her work alongside de Kooning and Dalí. But the path she forged is also her legacy.”

PBS: Searching for Augusta Savage
Augusta Savage was the first person in the U.S. to open a gallery dedicated to African American art. A Harlem Renaissance sculptor and art educator, she was also one of the first Black women art activists of her time and fought for the inclusion of Black artists in the mainstream canon.

Searching for Augusta Savage was released for Black History Month 2024 as the lead film for a new PBS digital series, American Masters Shorts. Searching for Augusta Savage was directed and written by Charlotte Mangin and Sandra Rattley. The film was produced by Audacious Women, in association with American Masters Pictures and Black Public Media. Audacious Women LLC is solely responsible for its content.

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